Looking for a Fun Way to Take Pictures

Have you ever dreaded taking photos? Or cringed at the thought of family picture day? Or just wished that there was a fun way to take photos with family and friends? Traditional photo booths are one way to make taking pictures relaxing and enjoyable. Advances in technology have made it possible for modern version of the traditional photo booth to reemerge. Open-air photo booths encourage interaction and on-the-spot picture taking. Those who participate in these “social photo booths” are able to immediately post their pictures to various social media sites, including Facebook. Popular in areas such as Central Florida, these booths can be set up on-demand for special events. Visit a photo booth Lakeland to join in and experience the fun.


For someone who has never experienced a social photo booth before, one might wonder what the experience includes. These booths come equipped with interactive touchscreens, as large as forty-two inches. The booths themselves are also out in the open air, meaning that they are not boxed in or claustrophobic. Participants can choose from an array of backgrounds and choose how they want the pictures to look. A photobooth Tampa can allow anyone to come up, take a photo, and draw or write directly on the touchscreen. Drawing and writing on the touchscreen adds playful options to the photos.

Another great feature of a tampa bay photo booth Winter Haven is the professional grade lighting. With professional grade lighting, you can achieve a clearer picture and a better look. The photos you get from these booths will not be of inferior quality. Any pictures are guaranteed to be of the same quality as those you would purchase from a professional studio. Digital camera technology also ensures the photos you receive will have high print quality. You will be proud of the memories you share, make and capture. A commercial quality lab printer also ensures that the color of the photos will last over time.

Visit a photo booth Plant City to make picture taking a fun and social experience. You can choose from a variety of print sizes, backgrounds and personal options to make your memories last. Parties, graduation ceremonies, and holidays are some of the more popular events you can leverage with these booths. Anyone who wants to join in on the fun can do so without feeling pressure. As part of the package, you can include photo entertainers that will help engage event guests and encourage them to check out the booth’s features. Show your guests that they can have fun, share the memories, and be the center of attention at the same time.